Together we create the most representative product. We shape it and test it as an entity and as applicablicability. Then we place it in a professional video context that will make your product speak for itself. Acquiring this global dimension of your product will open new opportunities for you towards a promising future!


We will associate your product to a brand which will be launched in the physical and online world. We create quality content in order to place your brand in the top Google search results. We attract the public to click on your website and call you!


Our production team has its supporting role in making you the best version of your videoclip, by prospecting locations, by organizing the logistics of the material and human resources and by creating a legal environment.

At the same time, the creativity and flexibility of our design team will make you “touch” your product from the moment of creation to the moment of its market release.


what we offer

  • Brand design

    a brand that is ready to conquer the world

    Together we will build a brand that represents you and your firm as an entity. We have in our advantage all the necessary tools in order to have your product embrace its global dimension and to launch it further. We come with integrated solutions so that your product becomes visible both in the physical and online world. We understand that your product is craving for attention, and we will make sure it stands out!

  • Planning the event

    the production team

    We have a professional production team that will discuss with you the best suitable script for your product. We will put together all the details to make your video comes true, organizing and teaming up with the best experts to find all the props needed.

  • Location

    the best location makes your product visible

    Our production team will find you the best locations for your video depending on the well-established script. We make sure to fulfill all the requirements, on both internal level (in our company) as well as on external level (in your company).

  • Social media

    the power of online marketing

    We build together a plan to “attack” the online world in order to attract on our side as many users as possible and from the targeted categories.

  • Content

    quality content marketing

    We place your product within a quality content and tackle it with relevant and creative subjects. We also use important key words in order to better define your product in the Google search results.

  • Creating a website

    defining the product

    Our aim is to make your product global, to define it at its best and launch it on the consumers’ market. We have predefined solutions or personalized ones depending on your requirements in creating a functional website.

  • Hardware network & servers

    state of the art network

    Our specialist are fully certified to create for you a functional and future proof network

  • Google Campaigns

    an efficient Google Ads

    We create Google campaigns in order to attract on your side the best target public and in order to active the product in the online world. The search results are the most important ones, and we will make sure to convince the public to click on your site or even call you.

Genus Media- Reinvent yourself!

We redefine entirely your product. We convert a customer requirement into a global product: with a video that speaks for itself, with a successful brand launched with tridimensional marketing strategies and with a production and design team more powerful than ever!

We are determined to make your product our success story!

Our team in action


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